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What is an API and why do you need one? It’s old but still holds…

We, the developers, tend to use an existing piece of code(mostly from, rather than re-inventing the wheel.

APIs are driving a new wave of innovation centered on sharing services without the developer having to share his code. APIs are thus a reusable component in the sense, they implement a piece of a puzzle that others can reuse without having to resolve the same puzzle piece. That’s why we often hear people say “Can’t you just use an API for that?”. Google currently offers more than two dozen APIs, which can be found on the Google Code site

One can say, Application Programming Interface (API), allows other programs to interact with it, without the need for a developer to share the entire code. The developer exposes an API that tells a programmer how they can interact with the existing service. This points out the need for a standardized way of documenting an API which would help other programmers to understand and use API efficiently. …

People always say it’s good to set new goals, change old habits, and try new things. Because if you aren’t learning and taking risks, you won’t grow, you’ll stay right where you are. After working with spring-boot API for a couple of years now, it was time to try something new. I was working on a new spring-boot API project with my team for which we decided of achieving 100% test coverage.

In other words, we were targeting 100% line coverage using automated JUnit for each unit where the unit varied from being a function point or a method and in some cases a service class. We can replace “line coverage” with conditional branches, functions, methods, files, classes, or whatever we want to take as a basis for counting coverage during an automated test run. The coverage metric certainly helps us to gain confidence over the developed code. The developer feels a sense of accomplishment as coverage goes from 0-zero percent to 25 percent to 70 percent and so on. …


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